Trader Moon Wine Co. – 2011 Honey Moon Viognier (Trader Joe’s)

Who said you can’t get a nice wine for a low price?  I spent last night tasting moderate to high priced Viogniers, so today I decided to see what I could find that might be good at a lower price.  The 2011 Honey Moon Viognier is one of those wines.  One quick swirl and the first aroma I noticed was a definite apricot and peach note – very pleasant.  These were the same prominent flavors as well.  And yes, there were subtle flavors and aromas of honey, too.  Now, I will say that for those of you who enjoy a dry viognier, you may find this wine to be a bit sweeter than expected – more off-dry than dry, with an apparent higher residual sugar.  No biting acids here.  This wine is proof that you can find a nice wine at a very low price.  It makes for a refreshing end to a long, hot summer day.  I found it went well with some spicy light fare, right off the grill.


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