Bodega Norton – 2009 Malbec Mendoza Reserva

I just love the anticipation of a deep, dark red on a chilly evening.  I do enjoy malbec, with its depth and intensity.  I opened this wine to discover aromas of red fruit and plum, but a few unexpected notes as well.  A definite spice was in the air  – the cinnamon and eucalyptus unfolded within just a few moments of that first swirl.  I took a sip to find that the alcohol overwhelmed my tongue at first – not entirely unexpected with its 14.5% .  I found that after a few minutes, and several swirls, I was able to move beyond my first impression and found a rather lovely wine.  The tannins were pronounced and firm, and flavors of dark currant and plum danced together with spice.  The finish was fairly long, and let the ever-so-slight acidity leave my mouth watering.  I enjoyed this wine with a seared burger and side salad dressed in an intense fig balsamic, and the match was perfect.


4 thoughts on “Bodega Norton – 2009 Malbec Mendoza Reserva

  1. This seems to happen to me frequently with malbecs, that they initially come off as too alcoholic, too overwhelming. But I love sticking around, because they usually reward me for my patience…

    • Oh, you are so very right! This one didn’t disappoint after I let the poor dear breathe a little. I do have to tell you that I also extended my experience after dinner, and enjoyed a piece of 86% cocoa dark chocolate with this one, and it was amazing!

      • Awesome!

        We are planning a Malbec tasting in the next couple of weeks. Nina has been amassing malbecs behind my back (just kidding) and now we’ll get to try them. My sole worry is that we only have one decanter at this point…

        I’ll have some dark chocolate around when we do the tasting! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Absolutely my pleasure! I wish I was in Michigan – I’d drop by for a taste! Have a wonderful time, and I hope you share the experience with those of us who enjoy reading your reviews!

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