Domaine Joseph Drouhin – 2010 Laforêt Bourgogne Chardonnay

Spring is the perfect time to begin enjoying dry, crisp, fruity white wines, and this one certainly fits the bill.  Clear, clean and light lemon yellow, the color alone is inviting.  The aromas are very nice, with lemon dancing in the air with stone fruit, and just a hint of flowers.  The flavors held true to citrus and stone fruit, softened with the tiniest bit of oak, The acidity was well balanced, and the finish was modest and clean.  This wine is such a great value, and makes a great accompaniment to light fare.

River Road Vineyards – 2005 William & Mary (Presidents Collection) Cabernet Sauvignon

I love finding a bottle in my collection that I forgot I had.  I love it even better when I open it up and find out that it’s pretty good after all these years.  When I found this one I rolled the bottle around, up to the light, to see if I could see any of that nasty sediment that happens in wines long forgotten.  I didn’t see anything, so that was a good omen.  The cork was in good shape, too – another good sign.  I pulled out that little cork and immediately poured a small tasting’s worth.  The color was a deep, velvety red.  Not particularly leggy, but that’s ok.  I let it sit for just a few minutes, and when I came back to it I gave it a swirl and a sniff to see what I might find.  Cherry.  Tons of deep, dark, fruity cherry.  The flavors were totally in sync with the cherry aroma – lots of rich fruit, with lots of leather, and definite spice and eucalyptus on the tip of my tongue – maybe even a hint of espresso that lingered into the finish.  The tannins were firm, and allowed just a bit of acid through.  The finish was nice – moderately long, and the flavors remained.  This wine paired wonderfully with a hearty Italian dinner of homemade stuffed shells in a chunky tomato sauce, and rustic Italian bread with spicy olive oil, of course.