The Beach House – 2013 Sauvignon Blanc

BeachHouseMany of us think New Zealand when we think about Sauvignon Blanc, but believe it or not, Sauv Blanc is done well in other places.  South Africa is now one of those places.  This wine is pleasant, and quite a nice value.  This wine is a product of the Western Cape area of South Africa, and offers up some pleasant aromas, like lemongrass, citrus (lemon and bitter orange predominate), the tiniest bit of floral and melon.  This wine treads a little lightly, perhaps a little too lightly, on some of the traditional Sauv Blanc characteristics, like that herby grassiness that is often prevalent in a Marlborough Sauv Blanc.  Flavors are softly citrus with just a little spiciness, and the finish is short but clean.  This wine was a nice accompaniment to fresh crab steamed in Old Bay.

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