Georges DuBoeuf – 2012 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau Cuvée Spéciale

Do you know what today is?

Thursday?  Yes, but what else?

Give up?

It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Day!


I have been looking forward to today for quite some time.  And WHY you might ask?  Because Beaujolais Nouveau is a taste of the last bit of summer that just slipped below the horizon.  This year’s wine is particularly special because the grape yield in the Beaujolais region was low.  Let’s face it, 2012 was a difficult year all around – even if you aren’t a grape…or a vintner.

I opened my bottle with great anticipation – perhaps, in part, because of the fanfare of the day – the ritual – the idea that this is the wine that officially heralds the 2012 vintage to the world .  I poured my taste and stared into the purply-red color of this wine, jewel-like and beautiful.  The aromas were very nice, filled with red fruit and plum, and a hint of spiced peach.  The flavors matched the aromas very well, and the youthful tannins, although pronounced, danced well with the light acidity.  This wine went amazingly well with my dinner of seared pork medallions and apple-cranberry compote.  I know that I will enjoy this wine throughout the holiday season, with friends and family.  And when my stash is exhausted, I can look forward to what next year’s vintage will bring.


Georges DuBoeuf – 2009 Morgon Jean Descombes Beaujolais

I picked up this wine because of three things – a great review, a great price, and my husband’s beaujolais phase (which I think is now rubbing off on me).  This wine, in short, is a tremendous value, and a fabulous experience.  The color is a crystal garnet, and foretells the medium/medium-light body of this wine.  The aromas are quite nice – lots of red fruit, including red cherry, mingled with a light, earth smokiness.  I found the flavors to be quite nice – extremely well balanced, with definite cherry and raspberry, and the tannins were nicely reserved.  The spicy notes were also delightful, and followed through the finish, which I particularly enjoyed.  This wine paired exquisitely with pork loin medallions glazed with a balsamic cherry wine sauce.

Domaine Manoir Du Carra – 2009 Beaujolais Fleurie


There are times when Beaujolais just seems right, and tonight was one of those nights.  We found ourselves exploring a quaint little town, and stumbled upon a French restaurant that we just had to try.  The menu was wonderful, but it also pulled us in several directions – a little spicy, some wild game, some seafood – you name it.  So what could go better with all of those things than a smooth Beaujolais that could complement the entire meal.  The bottle was presented and opened, and the light floral aromas wafted over to me.  Another sniff and the aromas of blackberry and just a little spice and tobacco complemented the rose and violet.  The flavor was silky and well-balanced, with a medium body and a nice finish that had just a hint of mineral to it.  And we were right – it went well with everything.