Gerd Anselmann – 2009 Pfalz Dornfelder

If you’ve never experienced a German red wine, you really should, even if it’s just to say that you have.  I took my leap into German reds with this little number – unsure of what I would experience, but as always, hoping for the best.  The cork practically burst out of the bottle, and I got a distinctively fruity whiff from the cork.  Not bad at all.  I poured a tasting and was happy to discover a very cherry aroma with notable florals.  I also noticed an ever so slight hint of coffee.  My first sip was very nice.  Medium-bodied and very silky, this wine went down very easily.  There was no alcohol heat, and tannins were very low.  The flavors of tart cherry were true to the expectations I had from the aroma.  The bottle indicated that serving it very chilled was best, but I drank it at cellar temperature, which I think was a good choice.  Any colder and the nice aromas would have been suppressed.  I wouldn’t characterize this wine as very complex at all, but it was mellow and drinkable – perhaps a nice wine to explore if you tend to prefer white wines but want to start experiencing reds.  We enjoyed this wine with a variety of herbed and roasted vegetables, and a hearty bread.