Wine Wonderings – Wonderful Westchester

Westchester FWF

Looking back at the busy but wonderful summer I couldn’t resist telling the world about the most amazing time I had at this year’s Westchester Magazine’s Food & Wine Weekend, in White Plains, New York.  I would be remiss if I didn’t give a special “Thank You!” to my dear friend, Wendy Dubit, Founder of Vergant Media, for making my time at this event possible – Wendy, you’re the best!

Now, about the foods… absolutely delicious.

The wines… oh the wines… just heavenly.

The experience… spectacular!

Believe it or not, I ordinarily don’t start my day with a flight of the finest sparkling wines, but I did here.  So delightful, and with one hand toting my 2003 Roederer Estate L’Ermitage Brut Rose, I began my stroll through the Grand Tasting.  So many pairing possibilities… ceviche…oh, yes.  Fresh crudites… very nice.  Succulent lamb, perfectly herbed and sauced… just perfect… and yes, all before noon.

But wait… as wonderful as the Grand Tasting was, there was so much more!

Did I mention the Bartender Shake-off?  No?  Really?  If you’re devout “stir” person, just pretend you like it shaken, not stirred… and loosen up with beautiful cocktails!

Love cooking?  There were so many things to learn watching world-class chefs do their stuff.  Cooking demos went on and on throughout the day.  The aromas wafted throughout the venue, and you could find yourself floating away on the heavenly scents.

And the best thing of all for those of us who are wine devotees?  The wine classes.  I simply had to spend my time in wine classes that were hosted by one of the world’s foremost wine aficionados and educators – Kevin Zraly.  My first class was a tasting of superb wines that were all under $30, and it was held in the Sky Lounge of the Ritz Carleton – on the 43rd flood.

What a view!  What an experience!

NY View

The line-up was just wonderful.  My personal favorites?  On the white side, a 2012 Hamilton Russell Chardonnay from South Africa, and in the red family, a 2010 Petalos Desciendientes De Palacios Bierzo from Spain.  Stunning.

You’ll be hearing more about my tastings with Kevin, but let me assure you that I learned a lot, and had the very best time that a wine lover could possibly have.

If you have the chance to join the fun next year, I encourage you to do whatever you can to get to Westchester County, New York to be a part of this wonderful event!

See you there!