River Road Vineyards – 2005 William & Mary (Presidents Collection) Cabernet Sauvignon

I love finding a bottle in my collection that I forgot I had.  I love it even better when I open it up and find out that it’s pretty good after all these years.  When I found this one I rolled the bottle around, up to the light, to see if I could see any of that nasty sediment that happens in wines long forgotten.  I didn’t see anything, so that was a good omen.  The cork was in good shape, too – another good sign.  I pulled out that little cork and immediately poured a small tasting’s worth.  The color was a deep, velvety red.  Not particularly leggy, but that’s ok.  I let it sit for just a few minutes, and when I came back to it I gave it a swirl and a sniff to see what I might find.  Cherry.  Tons of deep, dark, fruity cherry.  The flavors were totally in sync with the cherry aroma – lots of rich fruit, with lots of leather, and definite spice and eucalyptus on the tip of my tongue – maybe even a hint of espresso that lingered into the finish.  The tannins were firm, and allowed just a bit of acid through.  The finish was nice – moderately long, and the flavors remained.  This wine paired wonderfully with a hearty Italian dinner of homemade stuffed shells in a chunky tomato sauce, and rustic Italian bread with spicy olive oil, of course.