Lake Chalice – NV Cracklin’ Savie

cracklinsavieLooking for something fun and sparkly to open on a Friday night?  You’re gonna love this one!

I was in a great little wine shop in Annapolis, Maryland (Mills Fine Wine & Spirits), and met Patrick Darr, a wine consultant at Mills with an amazing palate and knowledge of wine.  Pat pulled this one out and handed it to me, and I think I jumped back two steps in surprise.  A wine with a soda cap?!  What?!  Are you kidding?!  After I stopped laughing, Pat assured me that this one was truly worth trying.  So with bottle in hand, in a brown paper bag, I marched out of the store, feeling as though I just committed a crime of the highest order against all things wine.

When I got home I put the bottle, still in the bag, on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and hoped that anyone who might open the door would never inquire about it.  Every day I’d open the door and see that bag, wondering if I’d ever actually try it.  If I did open it, I’d have to try it alone, of course.  After all, what would my friends say?

Fast forward to today.

After a long week that felt more like an aeon, I came home to realize that I only had one sparkling wine chilling.  After the horror movie music stopped playing in my head, I grabbed the bottle, stared at the label for a moment and ran to get the bottle opener.  No fanfare of popping a cork.  Just a the light sound of a little carbonation escaping.  I poured a glass and took a sniff.  It was light and familiar.  Nice.

The aromas of this wine are quintessential Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – grapefruit with maybe a little meyer lemon, and definitely a little tropical with pineapple and passion fruit.  The herbs were there, too.  A little grassy, and eucalyptus.  Really nice.  Then the taste.  Very nice!  Modestly carbonated, and full of flavor.  The flavor perfectly matched the aromas.  The acidity was really nice and lasted throughout the long, mineral finish.

It went really well with a round of pot stickers, and even better with lime cilantro shrimp.  Unexpectedly fabulous!

I learned my lesson on this one.  Don’t judge a wine by its cork, or lack thereof.  It’s a great buy at under $20 (US), and I’m already looking forward to my next bottle!